Michele De Capitani

michele de capitani

SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist

A self-taught computer expert, he began his first programming experience at the age of 8, when he developed video games for himself and his friends. At 15, he became passionate about the web, and at 17, his first website, entirely of his own design, went online. His first professional experience was in the marketing department of a multinational, and at 24 he began his first job as a web and SEO specialist. For almost 20 years, he has been providing services to companies of all sizes and in all sectors, for which he and his team carry out effective online promotion.

A Concrete Career

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“Becoming a leader in your market doesn’t happen by magic. It’s a scientific process, made of hard work, determination and specific processes, where the web is the fastest route to achieving your dreams.”



Thousands of Companies served

In over 20 years spent supporting companies of all levels and professionals from a wide range of sectors, Michele De Capitani – together with the teams he has worked with – has served over 2,000 companies, both in Italy and abroad.

He has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs in discovering and exploiting all the business and expansion opportunities the web could offer them.

His web marketing products have generated more than 500,000 contacts, allowing many companies and businesses to expand significantly.


Expert Consultant

He has worked as a technical consultant for the Google positioning strategies of large groups such as Banca Intesa Sanpaolo Spa, Banca IMI and many others.

He worked on the design of Pittarello Holding Spa’s E-commerce website, taking charge of SEO and usability. The site won the German Institute ITQF award for best usability in 2019/2020.

He developed an online competition monitoring system for IKEA nationwide across all of its 22 shops.


Expert Trainer

Michele De Capitani also provides high-level training for companies, institutions and academia:
  • Trainer for managers and managing directors of multinationals such as SIVANTOS and IKEA
  • Trainer of university professors and students at Bocconi University and the University of Valle d’Aosta
  • During his career, he has trained more than 5,000 people, including: entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, web marketing professionals and technicians

His mission is to boost the competence and technical skills of his students in complex subjects such as web mastery.


Influencer and specialised columnist

A nationally renowned SEO specialist, Michele De Capitani is a recognised expert in web marketing and online promotion.

In demand as a speaker at the most prestigious Italian digital marketing events: Web Marketing Festival (22,000 participants), SMAU (30,000 participating companies), Search Marketing Connect, Ecomm Vicenza, Bici Academy

The first manual printed and distributed in Italy

Early in his career, he also distinguished himself among specialists in the field by publishing an essay entitled:

“Guide to Search Engine Positioning: 12 Guidelines for Increasing Online Visibility”

This technical manual was immediately downloaded by over 10,000 computer operators and republished in hundreds of online industry magazines. It was also the first manual on the subject of SEO to be printed and distributed in printed form nationwide.

Mentioned in the most prestigious trade journals

What distinguishes Michele De Capitani and has earned him recognition as one of the experts in Italy

Over more than 20 years of research, experimentation and application, he has developed a scientific method with specific procedures for creating web leadership that has worked for thousands of businesses.

He has an extraordinary understanding of the web and expertise in promotion online and through social media, and his innate ability to teach allows him to successfully train specialists, entrepreneurs and managers to master the complexities of the web and to successfully promote and expand their businesses.

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Hubbard Management System

The management methodology adopted by Michele De Capitani for years to expand his activities and organisations. It is an extremely practical and functional methodology, adopted by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide. The goal of the Hubbard Management System – as established by its author L. Ron Hubbard – is to provide companies, professionals and governments with the means to make a business prosper and free people from financial constraints.

HUBBARD is a business and service trademark owned by RTC and is used in accordance with the licence agreement.

Social Commitment

Michele De Capitani aims to highlight and promote the various social activities he supports. Be inspired. Get Inspired.

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